About Us

We know tech. In fact, we have coded this site.

We know tech. In fact, we have coded this site.

At TechInsanity we believe there is an insane way to see through tech. A more accessible and informative way to look at tech. Where visitors get value, not just articles and images with boring H1 and H2. We’re excited to help visitors understand tech through animations and videos instead of typical text.

How we became part of the planet internet?

Founded in 2018 as a part-time project we got our ID from Google cloud to be part of the People Republic of Tech lovers.

We started as a conventional text blog but now we are moving towards something that no one tried, fully animated blogs.

Why we are called Tech Insanity?

Thanks to one of our geeky friends, Atiq Samtia with insane coding skills he has a really amazing experience with domains. He searched and found TechInsanity and we all loved it.

Anything else?

We are not their yet but we are trying our best to be Tech lovers’ favorite blog. Stay tuned until then.

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