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Apple Watch Series 5, Everything you need to know about

Apple just releases it’s new smartwatch series in it’s September 2019 keynote. Which is “Apple Watch Series 5”. With the most advanced always-on display to built-in compass and much more. Apple Watch Series 5 is just phenomenal. We believe this is the most innovative smartphone exist in the whole world.

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Always on Display

Apple watch now comes with a 60 Hz display. And two more backup displays to keep it on even if you lower the wrist a big change from the previous ones.

Apple watches switches to your activities accordingly. If you are steady it’ll show you time, calendar and notifications.

When you are working out it’ll show the work out related things.

Apple watch has now built-in compass so you can easily navigate the maps and show you the directions like you can see on iPhone where you are going. Developers has also access to the compass.

Emergency services are updated with now every cellular model you can call any international emergency service, without even using your iPhone.


Stainless steel ones come in Gold, Space Black and Polished

Apple Watch Series 5
Image Source: Apple

Aluminum case ones now come in silver, gold and space gray.
They also have apple watches in the ceramic casing which are pure white.

The titanium ones are in two finishes space black and gold.

Also available in sport loop and multiple ranges of band colors.

Apple Watch Series 5 Prices

Starting price of GPS Models is $399
Starting price of Cellular models is $499

Good News:
Series 3 is now just $199.


Apple watches series 5 will now run the great new watchOS6.

With a lot of other great features like swimproof, fall detection, Workout partner.

When you can buy?

Apple watches series 5 can be ordered now and they’ll be officially available in stores by September 20th, 2019.

How does Apple Watch help in research?

Apple watch is doing research on cardiovascular diseases from data points of over 4000 users. They are collecting data help with these diseases. Partnering with different organizations.

They are also recording everything in your surroundings to help studies regarding noise pollution. They’ll record DB of every bit of sound. In case you are wondering? They might be able to hear your private conversations when you opt-in on the researcher app.

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