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Best Augmented Reality Games in 2022

Recently, one of the most interesting developments in mobile gaming is Augmented Reality (commonly known as AR). A variety of Augmented Reality combinations are used to turn your environment into elements for different experiences. Augmented Reality gaming is the integration of the game audio and visual content with the environment of users in real-time. It makes the gaming experience much more immersive than usual methods of gameplay.

You just required a smartphone with a camera, internet connection during gameplay, and hours of playtime for augmented reality games. If you enter in this groove of augmented reality games, you don’t like to go back. It brings a new element of fun to games.

Nowadays, the front-runners of the gaming industry are augmented reality games. It allows you to interact with the real world in a new way. It is not only the fantastical concept but also allows you to capture fantastical creatures, fight aliens, and defend kingdoms in the real world. As we are discussing Augmented reality you will also like to read about the 3D launchers in our other article.

Augmented reality games visually interact with the real-world view on the display. After hefty research, we create a list of best augmented reality games for android and for iPhone that has worth playing. Here is the list, choose at least one of your interests and enjoy the experience.

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List of Augmented Reality Games For Android:

For Android, there are several augmented reality games today. Pokemon Go and Ingress are considered as the pioneers of the augmented reality games. Some of them are very simple games and some are downloaded more than 10,000,000 times. Google’s AR Core pushing things harder to create the best. However, it is very difficult to choose the best augmented reality games for android from such a huge number of games. We have played many of them and in the following list present the best augmented reality games for android. So, check them out according to your interest.

Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go is the most popular location-based game in the world of augmented reality games. It utilizes some of the light augmented reality elements. In the game, you have to collect every single Pokemon, capture gyms, fight other trainers, and track pocket monsters out there in the wilds.

You may also hatch Poke eggs but it requires more than an hour of walking. It will make you physically active while having fun with the game. If you like both augmented reality games and walking then just get this game and go outside. Pokemon Go is in the process of more development and evolving more features. The standard of other augmented reality games is measured by Pokemon Go.

Download Pokémon GO

Ingress Prime:

Ingress Prime is the best augmented reality game for android with millions of players. This was the first entry of Google in the world of augmented reality games. The original game has a simple AR interface, while the advanced Ingress Prime expands on the visual environment. Still, we have a lot of features from the original game.

There are two groups in the game, The Enlightened and The Resistance. The Enlightened uses the energy to control humanity while The Resistance wants to protect mankind. Players walk through real-life places like universities, monuments, museums, landmarks, etc. to take control of various portals. The more portals you have, the more chances you have to take over the other group. This is a global game and you can track and talk with other players with intelligence map.

Download Ingress Prime

Army of Robots:

Army of Robots is another augmented reality game that is only available on android. If you have a good space in your home then just pick up your smartphone and start smashing robots. This is a single-player game and its missions are very simple, you just need to walk around and destroy the giant robots. It has cool graphics and features excellent motion controls like easy aims and super-fast movement that is important for dodging rockets. Army of Robots requires constant motion to scan for new enemies. If you are chilling outside and having fun with the game then just ignore people who are staring at you.

Download Army of Robots

List of Augmented Reality Games for iPhone:

Augmented Reality games are on the way of progress and getting better with development. There are several new features in iOS 11 including AR Kit that allowed iOS developers to integrate augmented reality games. It became much better with the release of iOS 12.

If AR Kit is combined with Metal 2 API, it will provide impressive results. Like Android, there are many augmented reality games on iOS. Apple’s new iPhone model iPhone XS and XR (featured by AR Kit 2) make augmented reality gaming quite a fascinating one. Here is the list of the best augmented reality games for the iPhone. You just need to install them and have fun.

The Machines:

The Machines is one of the most popular and played augmented reality games for the iPhone. It is a multiplayer game and you can play against friends both online and in the same room. In the game, you can fight strategically with your opponent in a detailed battle-field. You have to take control of the opponent’s base to win the game. Its spatial audio and visual effects are really exciting and detailed. However, the number of heroes and maps are limited and we are expecting more in the upcoming update.

Download The Machines


ARise is a new game in the list of augmented reality games for the iPhone. It is a thought-provoking and amazing game. This game is similar to the puzzler Monument Valley. In the game, you have to move physically to find the correct route by changing the camera angle. You need to move around to create paths and connections. There are also visual clues to solve the puzzles. Currently, it is limited to three episodes, but there will be more in the future. In the beginning, it’s maybe a difficult game for some, but with practice, everyone can master it.

Download Arise

Kings of Pool:

Kings of Pool is the latest version of pool games and it is also the best multiplayer Pool game online. It is the upgraded version of the classic 8 ball pool. It holds several exciting features and urges you to have an experience of augmented reality games. This game specially designed for the AR game mode and best for iPhone XS.

In the game, you have the chance to play against the top players from the entire world. You have to win the game and get access to high-stakes tables. You also have to gather more and more cash and become the most valuable player in the game. It supports many languages including English, German, French, Chinese, and Italian to name a few.

Download Kings of Pool

With the release of AR Kit 6, there is a lot of improvement in augmented reality games. Hopefully, we will see more advancement in the coming years.

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