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9 Best Learning Apps for Toddlers

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Do you want your children more active, focused, and keen learners even before going to school or to engage your children in a beneficial hobby? The best you can do for your children is to install some of the best learning apps for toddlers. There are almost more than 130,000+ apps for toddlers and it is really difficult to search for educational and beneficial apps for your children. After hefty research, we have selected the following best learning apps for toddlers. We choose these apps due to their reliability, user reviews, quality content, and learning perspective. We hope that these apps will put you in the right direction while nurturing your children’s minds.

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List of Best Learning Apps for Toddlers

Toca Boca Doctor:

Toca Boca doctor is a toddler app that should be used for more than 2 years old kids. This app teaches children about human body parts and their names. It uses small games to educate the children. This app is one of the best educational apps for preschoolers as this learning material is good for them in the future. This app is great for parents who want their children to become a doctor. You can download this app on Apple and find it at This comes in the first spot on our researched list of Best learning apps for toddlers but unfortunately, this app is not free and its price is $3.

Endless Numbers:

This is another one of the best educational apps for preschoolers. From its name, we can make the idea that Endless Numbers is something that will teach children about numbering and counting. This app helps kids in recognizing and counting numbers through appealing animations. The main focus of the app is learning basic numeracy. This app also contains interactive puzzles that help toddlers in learning basic number skills. You can install it on iPhone and Android and it is free. If you are searching for free learning apps for kids then this app is the best choice for you.

Endless Alphabet:

Endless Alphabet comes from the same developer who created Endless Numbers. From this app, your children will learn and recognize the alphabet. This animated app assists kids in boosting their vocabulary. The toddlers have to drag and drop the scrambled letters to their appropriate places. It is an engaging app that entertains children. It doesn’t have any time limits or high scores for completing the words, so kids can set their own pace and enjoy the animations. This app can be installed on Android and iPhone. It is free for Android and you have to pay $9 to use it on iPhone. It is the best educational app for preschoolers to learn the alphabet.

Marco Polo Ocean:

Marco Polo Ocean is an award-winning app among the best learning apps for toddlers. This app focuses on the exploration of the deep blue sea. The children start from the shoreline and go down to the ocean floor. Kids can use boats and also submersibles. They can also add marine animals and fish. To see the natural behavior and interactions of the animals, toddlers can tap, drag or swipe. This app is helpful in learning the basics of science, technology, engineering, and math. The children can also learn about different species, ocean landscapes, and topic-specific vocabulary. You can download it on iPhone and Android and is totally free.

Lumikids Park:

Lumikids Park is another best educational app for preschoolers. In this app, toddlers can perform a lot of learning activities. The kids can play with a number of pets and water critters. They can put water critters into puddles according to size, shape, and color. They can give food to the pets and also search for the hiding critters. The main focus of this app is children’s sorting skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. Another important feature of this app is that it also shares tips for parents to continue and reinforce their children’s skills. This app is also free and you can install it on both iPhone and Android.

Peekaboo Barn:

The Peekaboo Barn app is a little bit different from the others. In this app, there are a number of different friendly farm animals who can entertain and engage your children and in the meanwhile, children can learn a lot of things. This is the best app for toddlers to learn animal names and their sounds. It also allows users’ input such as kids can change voices and languages. Through this app, you can also record your own voice or your grandpa’s voice, or even any friend’s voice. The price of this app is $2 for iPhone and also for Android.

Toca Life Town:

Toca Life Town is an exploring-type app. In this app, there is a town where your children can perform daily chores. Kids have to explore Toca Town and they can do anything through this app like swimming in the pool, buying groceries from the store, lights turn on and off, gifts and wrapping, and sun taps on and off for daylight, and nighttime to name a few. There are 24 characters, animals, 6 locations, and open play in the app. The main focus of the app is learning and exploring. This is the best learning app for toddlers due to its exploring features. Its price is $3 for Android and iPhone.

Sago Mini Road Trip:

Sago Mini Road Trip is also the best learning app for toddlers. In this app, kids sit in the driver’s seat with the cat character named Jinja. There are simply controlled 10 vehicles and 6 destinations. During their journey, toddlers can fuel up and also wash the car. There are no rules or time limits in this app, so children can explore and move at their own pace as they like. The app is available on iPhone and Android for only $3.

PBS Kids Video:

PBS is a television program distributor and public broadcaster in America. PBS Kids Video is its app for kids. If you want to provide a child-friendly and safe place to your children then this is the best learning app for toddlers. Kids can watch videos and their favorite PBS kids’ shows such as Sesame Street, Dinosaur Train and Curious George in this app. New videos are uploaded on every Friday. This app is available on Android and iPhone and it is free.

Final Verdict about Best Learning Apps

These all apps are for toddlers and preschoolers to learn, focus, explore, engage, and open-ended play. With parents’ active participation and these high-quality apps, kids become active, focused, and creative and can learn a lot of things even before entering school.

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