Facebook is about to start Movie Streaming Service, Facebook watch Originals

You probably have heard this:
“Netflix Originals” or “Amazon Originals” or “Hulu Originals”

But what if I tell you that Facebook is having the same thoughts and they are done with the very first Facebook Watch Original TV Show.

Yes, Facebook Watch originals TV Show.

Nothing is confirmed yet about their streaming services. But it’s the first one we saw on the internet. Have you? Please let us know in the comments.

Their Very first TV show is “LimeTown” Watch the trailer here!

The horror story of a woman struggling to find the mystery behind 300 missing people

The 10-episode mystery series stars and was produced by Jessica Biel

What a horrible start 😀 But let’s see what they are going to come up with.

Just news. That’s why such a short article. Why not give one of our other articles a read?

Worth reading. Technology and its effects.

Fazal Shah

<3 Insane tech. Software Engineer and Interactive design animator. Tech enthusiast and loves writing about tech.

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