Animation through Code Lottiefiles for After Effects Plugin in 2022

Lottiefiles is a powerful tool to play with animation. Lottiefiles for After Effects plugin is also available through which you can easily important and export animations for Lottiefiles. Previously known as Bodymovin but it’s much more improved for upload, preview, testing, and publishing.

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What is Lottiefiles?

Lottiefiles is an After Effects plugin which lets you render After Effects animation in web and mobile apps through Lottiefiles library or web player.

Like these:

As they say, engineers won’t code anymore for animation.

So for the Motion Designers, they designed this plugin so that motion graphics artists can animate from the After Effects and export animation as JSON files in code.

Another good thing about Lottie is that the file size is very low as compared to animated gifs or PNG sequence. And rendered natively on devices.

Lottiefiles for After Effects features:

  • Render Graph: To optimize your animation for web and mobile apps.
  • Instant file size of the JSON file
  • Magic login to Lottie files and publish within the plugin
  • Render configurations if you need any other than JSON file
  • Inline Images, before that shapes layers were supported only
  • Push to IOS or Android and Instant preview
  • Custom BG color for your animation right within the plugin no solids
  • QR of your animation which you can scan and share
  • On The Air (OTA) Plugin Updates
  • Quick Re Render no need to drag files and preview on the web
  • Save to PC for native use.
  • Web share so you can embed animations in WordPress or Blogs through HTML.
  • Meta Fields
  • 1000s of Public Files accessible right within Plugin for inspiration purposes or you can use the source if they have AE source.

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