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Best Nest Cam Baby Monitor in 2022

Do you want to keep an eye on babies at night or when you are not at home? Do you want to check in on babies’ habits? Maybe you want to ensure complete security? The best solution to all these issues is only to have a nest cam for baby monitoring. It doesn’t matter what is your need for a nest cam baby monitor, but it is the most advanced security product for baby monitoring nowadays. Anyone can covertly monitor his/her babies.

Basically, a nest cam was not invented to monitor babies, but to keep an eye on babies with a nest cam is not a bad idea. During outside dinner or party, you can watch on your phone whether the babysitter or nanny managed to put babies to bed on time. The video and audio quality of the nest cam are excellent for the purpose. For its full features, you need a decent Wi-Fi connection.

The nest cams also have infrared night vision mode, so you can see your baby in low or dark light clearly. If the light is too dim in the baby’s room, the nest cam will automatically switch to night mode. You can also pan, tilt or zoom the cam as you needed through your mobile app. If you want to talk to your baby, you can use the two-way talk function by pressing the microphone button in the mobile app.

The nest mobile app is available on Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. There is also a drawback that the nest mobile app can’t be used for an extended period of time. When you don’t need it as a baby monitor anymore, you can use it for other purposes like a home security system. According to value, cost, reliability, memory capacity, and ease of use, the following are some of the best cams for baby monitoring that we select for you after careful research.

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List of Best Nest Cam Baby Monitors

Nest Cam:

Nest cam is one of the best cam which fall in the category of best nest cam baby monitor. Nest cam is not only a baby monitor, but it can also serve as a home security camera when you don’t need it as a baby monitor anymore. You can connect your nest cam with your tablet, smartphone, laptop or Apple watch via an app. Its audio and video quality is perfect to be used. It is also equipped with a night vision mode and motion detector.

With a nest cam, you can clearly see what is going on in your baby’s room. You can use multiple nest cams in different rooms and can control them with a single device. You need to keep your app open while monitoring your kid. You will get alerts and notifications on your smartphone. If you have the availability of the internet, you can access the live stream from anywhere. Nest cam is very easy to use and equipped with advanced features and a good choice for baby monitoring.

Infant Optics DXR-8:

Infant Optics DXR-8 is one of the best baby monitoring cams you could buy right now. It is the best-selling baby monitor cam on Amazon with incredible reviews. Parents are very pleased with this monitor. People like it due to its features, reliability, value, and price. It also has a multiple cameras option for parents with twins or more kids to monitor. You can pan or tilt the cam remotely. It activates the night vision mode automatically.

For talkback, it also has walkie-talkie features. Its image quality is good enough to see the babyface clearly from a distance of 6 feet. Though it is easy to use, its display is not as pleasing to your eyes as your iPhone. If the room temperature is not normal, the monitor will not send you any notification or alert. To use it properly, you have to maintain the room temperature. Among all the baby monitoring cams, it is the most reliable and has the best battery life.


Nanit makes its place at number three in this list due to its HD quality image and unlimited range. It’s a perfect cam to deliver insightful information to help your baby and to track your baby’s sleep patterns. You can control the camera via an app installed on your smartphone. It will give you alerts and notifications on the app.

You can also adjust the sleep routine of your baby. You may have access to the camera remotely if you have a Wi-Fi connection. The video quality of the cam depends on the strength of the internet signal you are using. There is no talkback feature in Nanit. The video and image quality is good even when you zoom to the maximum. Other important features include virtual fencing, motion detector, accurate room temperature, and multiple users.

iBaby M7:

If you want a baby monitor that offer all the features you need then iBaby M7 is the best choice for you. Your smartphone acts as a receiver when iBaby M7 connected to Wi-Fi. You can control the camera through your mobile app and it is very easy to use. Some of its distinguishing features are 1080p HD quality video, night vision mode, motion detection, room temperature measurement, multiple users, mechanical pan-tilt, record videos, take photos, talkback features, play music and many more.

Install the cameras at a maximum of 25 feet from your router to get the best results. There are ten pre-programmed bedtime stories and songs in this monitor. You can also record different lullabies for your babies. You will receive notifications on your smartphone even with your phone screen off, the app will be still running in the background. This is also a good choice for parents.


The last baby monitoring cam on our list is the Babysense video baby monitor. If you have a low budget and can’t afford expensive baby monitor cams then the Babysense video baby monitor is the best choice for you with all its features. It is also very easy to use and secure. At a very low price, it has a number of advanced features such as night vision mode, mechanical pan-tilt, out of range warning, temperature monitoring, talkback features, multiple cameras, play lullabies, alarm, and nap timer. It also has good battery life. This would be a good choice for parents who can’t afford expensive baby monitoring cams.

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Andorid and IOS Apps for Best Nest Cam Baby Monitor

You can download IOS app from IOS App store and Android App from Google Play Store.

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