5 Small business ideas for men

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There are many businesses that men can start with lower investments. We are going to review some small business ideas for men to start with low investment. When you are a teenager, you are very energetic, a dreamer, hardworking, and a thinker. You try to set big goals and work hard to achieve them.

Many people think that jobs will not complete all of their dreams so they think about starting a business to become entrepreneurs. here’s our guide on the best small business ideas and entrepreneurship.


You can never start a big business in a day and it can’t become successful overnight. People at a young age think about many ideas of starting from a small business setup but mostly they fail to think about a great idea.

Remember business is not about earning money, it’s about solving a problem common in your area and helping people and making their lives better with the help of your business. You’ll make money ultimately but the intent should be for the betterment of people.


Small business means starting a business with a small investment and getting profit in return as income. I’ll list here 5 best small business ideas for men and it’ll surely give you a good start.

Everyone wants to aim big and get something big in less time but most of the times we don’t focus on small things. In business, you have to go step by step, take small steps and one day you’ll achieve something big!

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5 Best small business ideas for Men

There are many small business ideas by which you can earn a handsome amount of money by investing in them but you have to do complete research about them and you have to put your 100% in it from the heart.

Don’t go behind money, out of the business ideas mentioned below. Analyze in which field you have the passion and you can do much better things in that business.

Check out your strengths and do check what are drawbacks of that business. After analyzing all of the facts, start your business and put your hard work in it. You will surely get good results. Some of the best business ideas with low investment are mentioned below:

Restaurant Business

If you enjoy cooking food and you have skills of making people wonder by the delicious taste of dishes go for a small restaurant business!

People overlook this business because they think it needs heavy investment and it gives a low return in the start. It is really helpful to start from a small business and then brand yourself accordingly.

Actually, these all are myths, you just have to go behind your passion and just start from a small business like a small restaurant setup there should be a specific dish in which your restaurant is master in it and no other restaurant in that area can compete with your restaurant in that specific dish.

Men with good cooking skills are preferred over female chefs which is not a good thing but a positive chance for starting as an entrepreneur.

Try to provide the best customer service and you’ve to be patient in this business as customers can be rude sometimes if they didn’t like the taste.

You should have good management skills and how to communicate with the customer. This small entrepreneurship idea is all you are looking for only if you have these skills and if you are patient you will be successful in this business.

Event Planning

Do you have creativity, management skills, planning, and communication skills? Then this small business idea for men! Event planners plan weddings, events, birthdays, celebrations, and parties.

In order to be successful in this business you have to work really hard and you’ve to work very closely with the staff so there should not be any mistake which disappoints your customer or client.

This small business for men is growing fast with a good profit in return. You just need an organization that will provide services to its clients.

A small amount of Investment will be done in your first event; you have to do arrangements all on your own to impress the client. Also, investing in the marketing of your organization it will surely bring clients.

Call center Business

This small business idea is growing rapidly as a small-scale business for people in Asia, especially in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. Within call centers, people with brilliant communication skills are hired and they have to call many people to promote any product and to sell them products.

This is how they earn money and some also handle inquiries and complaints. You just need to hire people having excellent communication skills and there will be a small investment in buying the office equipment and renting a small place.

Gym Business

If you want to invest small but want to earn large then this small business idea is for you. Opening a gym in your area can become a big business after some time.

You have to invest money in buying all the exercise machines and you have to invest in the promotion of your gym.  You just have to select the right location for the gym. Offer early discounts and memberships to attract people.

Online Store

You might be thinking about why I have added this idea to the small business category. It’s actually a big business but starts with a small investment. The world’s richest man Jeff Bezos who owns the biggest online store Amazon should be your ideal if you start this business.

You just have to put all your efforts into developing a fast, attractive and responsive website and if you don’t know about web development then hire someone to make it for you and anyone who manages it.

Then you have to buy the products you will sell on the website. Also, invest in advertising your website. This is the best idea for getting a profit in less time.

You might need artificial intelligence to scale up your small entrepreneurship idea to a large scale business. Here’s what we know about Artificial intelligence. Give it a read too.

Conclusion of Small Business Ideas for Men

In end, I’ll say that following your passion and what small business idea suits you best do it and give your hundred percent effort to it. Some people think you can only earn money by studying hard and if you are a doctor or an engineer you can earn a handsome amount of money.

But do you know you can earn money without studying and there are many ways for it?

Business is one of them! Business is ultimately for making money but basically, your intent should be the betterment of humanity. I hope you loved these ideas and will go for any one of them.

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