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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in 2022

AI astronaut

So you might have heard about the last selfie on earth taken. And do you know how this image came into being without the world still surviving and going on as it is?

This picture was generated by Elon Musk’s new venture called OpenAi’s project, Dall.E . Dall.E 2 generates images out of the text, so if you type “last selfie on earth” something like on left will be shown.

There are thousands of other websites which generate images based on text and they all are collecting open data on the internet and model it into something that can generate pictures like these. Even someone with so good of an artist will hardly make something like this.

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is the science and engineering that involves the making of intelligent machines. Intelligence is the ability of machines that includes an understanding of the environment and the actions it takes according to that surroundings. AI can be used in every field like fraud detection, education, mining, space exploration, medicine, business, etc. It decides any kind within a minute that humans may take many days.

Artificial intelligence definition

There are no emotions or biases in their decisions so their decisions will be accurate and apt. It has made human life much easier. Computers are made to understand human language and react accordingly through well-designed programs. The best examples of AI are the GPS on our smartphones and self-driving cars. These robots or machines can do any assigned task without human assistance.

The advantages of artificial intelligence can’t be denied. They can work 24/7 without any salary and break or rest. They don’t need allowances, incentives, transportation costs, sick or annual leaves, no complaints, and do not get tired like humans. They can process a big amount of data in a short time. They use less time and produce effective results, hence they increase work efficiency. Artificial intelligence is the future of our technology.

If programmed properly, AI would have a low error rate compared to humans. They have incredible speed, accuracy, and precision. It also organizes and manages records. They make decisions within no time. These features make them better than humans. They can help humans with many tasks. AI is programmed according to the required task. Multitasking features can also be programmed in robots so that they can perform different tasks.

Cornell’s Laboratory developed an AI for sports players, the AI can predict the player’s move with up to 80% accuracy.

The advantages of artificial intelligence in the medical field are highly appreciable. They can be used in medical diagnosis, to tell the side effects of medicines, and can also help doctors in lengthy medical procedures. They can’t use their brains and are hence capable of doing what they are programmed for. A person may use AI without even realizing it like whoever asked Siri a question or used Alexa for assistance has used AI.

It encompasses anything from Google’s search algorithms to IBM’s Watson to autonomous weapons. There are many fields where we take advantage of artificial intelligence such as digital assistants, handling repetitive jobs, medical applications, hazardous exploration, mining, space exploration, security, daily applications, and so on. In this article, we only discuss the benefits in medical and business fields.

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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare:

Artificial intelligence in the medical field highly improves doctor-patient communication. It increases the capacity to store and process large amounts of data. AI not store and process the data but also professionally translate the information into functional tools. It processes all stored data in a matter of seconds and makes an educated decision that is based on the data it’s been over.

AI gain great importance in the healthcare field. AI applications revolutionized the health sector by reducing medical costs and improving patient outcomes. Though the artificial intelligence system cannot think as a human would or operate fully by itself still offers great benefits to healthcare providers and practices. Some of the advantages of artificial intelligence in the medical field are given below:

Accurate and Fast Diagnostics:

Some severe diseases need immediate action and fast treatment. Thanks to AI systems that can learn from previous cases and store knowledge. It can also access stored information anywhere in the entire world. AI systems provide accurate and fast diagnostics that helped a lot in the health sector. After research on artificial neural networks, it is scientifically proven that these networks can diagnose accurately and fast.

Reduce Human Errors:

As we know that AI systems are not sensitive and emotional, so it is most effective in reducing human errors. Sometimes doctors are under great stress and emotional trauma during operations and these feelings on the doctor’s side pose a threat to the patient. AI systems are emotionless and could be the best assistants. They would monitor the whole process effectively and greatly decrease stressful situations. Hence human errors are reduced with the use of AI systems.

Cost Reduction:

With the help of modern AI systems, it becomes possible to get doctor assistance without visiting clinics or hospitals. There are AI systems that provide online assistance to patients and add data frequently through online medical records. This all-online process results in cost reduction that is beneficial for patients as well as for doctors.

Virtual Presence:

Virtual presence is another technology of AI systems and it is also known as telemedicine. Telemedicine allows doctors to assist their patients who live far or in remote areas. Doctors can engage their staff and patients with the help of remote presence robots. Specialists can also clear their patient’s queries and advise medicines.

These were some advantages of artificial intelligence in healthcare and we hope
that in the future AI will further progress in this field and make some

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Business:

Artificial intelligence also renders its services in the business field. Cloud computing enables businesses to take advantage of artificial intelligence. It provides significant and risk-less development opportunities and companies pick them up quickly. There are several ways and opportunities that your company can pick up from cloud-based AI. The following are several advantages of artificial intelligence in the business field.

Improve Personalized Shopping Experience:

Artificial intelligence can identify the patterns in the customer’s browsing habits and purchasing behaviors. It provides accurate offers to individual customers and resultantly generates customer loyalty and improves sales. Many companies put so much emphasis on it due to its importance.

Automating Customer Interactions:

AI is now taking over customer interactions including online chats, emails, telephone calls, and social media conversations. These communications are automated with the help of AI. These systems are programmed based on previous communications and respond accurately to customers and deal with their queries. AI chatbots can interact with unlimited customers at the same time. More than 85% of customer interactions will be through intelligent machines by 2020.

Data Mining:

Data mining is another advantage of artificial intelligence. In data mining, AI apps quickly process big data and provide relevant and important findings. It enables businesses to look closely at the insights that can help them in the marketplace.

Some of the other advantages of artificial intelligence in business include real-time assistance, operational automation, predicting outcomes, and improved recruitment process. Hopefully, we will see many more improvements in artificial intelligence in the coming years.

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