The Most Expensive Games on Steam in 2022

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Are you a good gamer and fed up with playing old free games and looking for The Most Expensive Games on Steam? Steam is the best place for you to play paid games with a lot of features and the most futuristic graphics. Currently, the gaming sector has gone digital and Steam is the platform having the most expensive games. Steam is the digital distribution platform that gives paid services for easily accessible multiplayer gaming and social networking.

Steam is one of the best and most expensive gaming platforms. It provides several features for gamers. That’s why players keep signing up for it and buying games regardless of how much money they have to pay. In the year 2015, there were 125 million active accounts on Steam and by April 2019, there were more than a billion registered accounts on Steam.

Another reason for its top rank is the variety of truly legendary games available on the service. Some of the games on Steam are expensive and it’s hard for people to get them. Here is the list that will provide you with the most expensive games on Steam. This list only contains expensive games, excluding the game bundles and DLCs.

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List of The Most Expensive Games on Steam

Emission VR:

Emission VR is one of the most expensive games on Steam. It was released on 30th November 2016. This is a zombie-based game and the ultimate goal of this game is to kill as many zombies as possible through the corridors. This game is in virtual reality that makes it more amazing and entertaining. This game was developed by VRSpec Team and they have been improved a lot in recent years.

If you are fond of playing zombie games then this is the best game you can find in the market right now. Another feature of this game is that you can play the game on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. This game is included in the most popular Steam games and Steam most played games. Overall, this game’s experience is enjoying and amazing. The price tag on this game is $100.

Crazy Stone Deep Learning – The First Edition:

Crazy Stone Deep Learning – The First Edition is one of the Steam top played games. This game is basically a digitized version of an ancient British board game. It is almost 2500 years old game and its old name was “Go”. This game is somehow similar to the chess game. It is like you are playing four chess games together on a single board. This means you need a lot of practice before playing the game. From this, we also come to know that this version of the game is not for the beginners.

This is a master’s level game. If you want to take full advantage of your money then you have to become a master of this game and also play with masters. It was released on 26th May 2016. The developer of this game is UNBALANCE Corporation. The price of this game is $80 on Steam. This is a skilled game and if you are a good player of chess then just go for it.

X-Plane 11:

X-Plane 11 is a flying simulation game. The price tag of $60 makes its place in the list of the most expensive games on Steam. This game is developed by Laminar Research and is the steam most played game of flying. It is released on 30th March 2017 and there is no better flying simulation game in the market right now.

Being released in 2017, it is not so old game and has many advanced features such as 3-D sound, 3-D cockpit, world-wide scenery, and living airports to name a few. These all features make this game more realistic and intuitive as compared to other flying games in the market. If you like traveling and geography, this game is the best choice for you. Its sceneries, living airports, and details will really shock you. Although, it is one of the most popular steam games it is not so easy to play. It will take time to become a master of this game.

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon:

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon is an RPG digital video game. RPG means the role-playing game in which the gamer controls the characters in an imaginary world. This game got many positive reviews due to its RPG feature. This game was developed by KOEI TECHNO GAMES CO LTD and was released on 24th October 2017. In this game, there are three beautiful maiden friends who are deceived and separated by the tricks of the darkness.

After that, they have to find each other and their bond will become the light. This light will clear the darkness and guide everyone else towards the truth. The visuals of the game are very good and exciting for the gamer. If you are a fan of living in an imaginary world or utopia then this game will be a good experience for you. The price for this game is $60 on Steam. By the way, in this game, all the DLC is included as part of the base game. Due to its RPG feature, it becomes one of the most expensive steam items.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony:

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is one of the most popular Steam games among gamers. This game got more than 1700 positive reviews that are really fantastic. It is a type of hunting and killing game. In the game, there are 16 people who are trapped in a school. Although, there is a violent factor in the game this is an adventure game and is made for people of the same taste.

The developer of this game is Spike Chunsoft Co Ltd and it is released on 26th September 2017. The price for this game is only $40 on Steam. You will have no regret after buying this game for $40. The only drawback of this game is its graphics which are all cartoonish. As this game has a murder-mystery factor, this game can be quite addicting.

Above mentioned games are the most expensive games on Steam. All of them have some unique and amazing features that attract gamers of the same type. If you are a good gamer and can afford the paid games then all these games are worth playing.

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