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Technology has changed everything in the last 30 years and it can be named the biggest evolution from the beginning of the world. Even you are reading this article using technology. Technology has changed our lifestyle, and way of living increased information, and made things faster and more accurate. As a technology lover and admirer, I’ll say without technology today’s world cannot function. In every field of life, technology has played a very important role in changing human lives.

We, humans, developed this technology to change the world but now technology is changing us every moment. Do you know about Artificial Intelligence? It’s just incredible to teach a machine how humans think, act and react. So far technology has amazed everyone with its magic.

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Here is the list of top important points about how technology has changed our lives


In today’s world, many schools and universities use technology to teach students. The use of tablets, projectors, laptops, E-Books, internet, online courses and computers is making this technology world better day by day. Children have access to unlimited knowledge on the internet and they can study anything on the internet.

In future it can be possible by using artificial intelligence robots will teach students. This time is not far! Interesting right?


If you ask someone about Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp, ninety percent of people will know about these social media applications and these social platforms have changed the world into a global village. Everyone is connected to everyone and it has lessened distances between all of us. Social media is one of the best things’ technology provide us and it has surely changed our life. You post your emotions on social media and convey to everyone what you think and what are you doing you tell it to people. You also keep yourself updated with all news and update and current affairs. Technology surely changed ways of communication.

Those days are gone when we used to write a letter and it took 10 days to reach them and have to wait 10 more days for their reply and this boring way of conversation is no more. Nowadays you can talk face to face using the video call feature. People can send documents in a second using email instead of sending them by physical means which will take days. Technology has made this world faster, conversations became texts, reactions became emojis, feelings became statuses and somehow it has affected human health too we’ll discuss it further below.


Nowadays we can buy anything online and it has changed our lifestyle altogether. We order food online, buy products, and meet people online. It has made our life easier we do not have to go shopping select a product and carry it and take it home! Now with just a few taps food and every item you need gets delivered to your doorstep. Isn’t that amazing?


With the passage of time technology has the way of transportation! Hundred years ago, from today distances were covered in months and nowadays those distances are covered in just a day or some hours. Now there are auto-driving cars using the artificial intelligence which will be common in some years. People have started using online ride services like Careem and Uber and it has really saved their time. Technology has changed our lives in so many ways we can’t even count.

In the future, there can be flying cars or maybe flying humans. We don’t know what can happen in the next two decades there were assumptions that there will be flying cars in the 2000s forty years ago. But now we can say the time is not far when there will be flying cars!


In recent years, drones are used commercially and this has become a new trend for running businesses with a completely new strategy and less cost. Commercially used drones actually decrease the cost of doing the job that labor will charge. This has actually fastened the work and has eliminated human errors. The work quality is increased and labor costs decreased. In short, technology has revolutionized businesses in many ways and it’s just amazing to see this revolution.


As technology has changed everything in our life it has also changed the medical and health sectors. Doctors have made powerful medicines, instruments for surgery, and drugs for some dangerous diseases and with the help of technology, they are working on curing cancer.

There are many mobile applications that ask you about symptoms and tell you the disease and tell its medication. Some applications are really helpful. But some are not accurate and need more research. In the future, there can be robots doing surgery and other procedures. It can be a completely new face of technology. Experiments are being done on this idea and until 2050 this will be common in the medical world.


As technology has many benefits it has some disadvantages too. It is wrongly used to make dangerous weapons and this can lead to a world without humans. Technology has helped humans in making this world a better place. But these dangerous weapons can lead to the stone age again. People need to understand that this world needs to end poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment, not these dangerous weapons. Still, there are special instruments made with the help of technology to help the armed forces in the protection of civilians.


We cannot even count the blessings we have in the shape of technology. Technology is saving us time, many costs, and many other things we don’t know. People need to understand if technology has changed our lives it can also destroy one’s life if not used rightly. Understand if you are using the technology you have a big responsibility for making this world a better place. Spread positivity, let people live, and help people in making this world a better place.

The future of technology is so bright because almost every person on earth is using technology somehow. If you are just using a bulb then you are a technology user. After 30 years there can be flying cars, robot chefs, robotic teachers and much more we cannot imagine let’s hope it is used fairly.

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