The launcher is an application designed as a user interface to allow the user to customize the phone’s desktop, it’s home screen and gives extra features to the user. It comes with extra functions and smooth interface to make the user of mobile comfortable with the interface. The user selects the theme that suits his taste. Launchers can be used on any android device i.e. phone and tablets.

Functions of a Launcher

Usually, most launchers come with almost the same functions but there’s a difference between their performance and optimization. Some work fast with most devices but some launchers get hang most of the times. So, make sure to download that launcher which is downloaded by most people.

How to Use 3D Launcher?

There are a number of steps to use the android 3D launcher. Steps are mentioned below:

  • Search for the android launcher in Google Play Store.
  • Download that launcher which attracts you most.
  • Make sure to read people’s reviews about the launcher before downloading it.
  • Click on download and install the 3D launcher application.
  • Open the application and allow permissions to change your mobile’s home screen and other settings.
  • Go to the launcher’s settings and customize its settings.
  • Select themes or download them from the Google Play store.
  • Customize the theme as you like.


10 best Android Launchers of 2019

The reason why android devices are most preferable and convenient is their operating system and the independence of customizing its settings. Android OS allows you to download a launcher which can change the look of your OS altogether. This feature gives so much convenience to the user.

 In 2019, there are many applications of 3D launchers which allows the user to customize its OS. But there are few which are considered to be best launchers of 2019 and are reviewed by people and have been downloaded in millions. Ten of them are mentioned below:

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Microsoft Launcher:

Microsoft 3D launcher

Microsoft launcher is considered one of the best launchers as it has options for customizability and many interesting gestures. You can download it

Download Microsoft Launcher!

Nova Launcher:

This launcher known as Nova Launcher is known as one of the most downloaded and famous launchers on Google Play Store. It is unique due to its wallpaper collection, optimization and beautiful interface. Download it from the link below:

Download Nova Launcher

Evie Launcher:

evie launcher 3D for Android

Do you want a fast launcher with colorful design and having no ads? Then go for Evie Launcher. It’s just amazing. Download from the link below:

Download Evie Launcher

Pixel Launcher:

If you are obsessed with Google Pixel phones then this launcher will provide you with the same interface like that. It is fast and simple. And Pixel users will love it.

Download it from the link below:

Download Pixel Launcher

Poco Launcher:

Xiaomi’s Poco F1 came with a launcher which got the attraction of many users and now is available with a launcher application.

Download it from the Google Play store link below:

Download Poco Launcher

CM Launcher:

CM Launcher 3D for Android

If you want a Launcher with 3D effects, VR themes, best icons, and fast launcher then go for CM launcher. Its launched by Clean Master which is worldwide famous.

Download it from the Google Play store link below:

Download CM Launcher:

APUS Launcher:

APUS Launcher for Android

If you want a launcher with app lock, hide feature, HD wallpapers and gestures then go for APUS Launcher. It’s really optimized and works well with almost all devices.

Download it from the Google Play store link below:

Download APUS 3D Launcher for Android

Google Now Launcher:

This launcher is launched by Google and have features like “Ok Google” gesture, fast, simple and optimized with the stock android launcher. It looks like a stock android basically.

Download it from the Google Play store link below:

Download Google Now Launcher

Solo Launcher:

Solo Launcher 3D for Android

A launcher with amazing themes, widgets, fast interface, optimized battery life and attractive in style. If you are looking for these features then go for Solo Launcher.

Download it from the Google Play store link below:

Download Solo Launcher

GO Launcher:

Go launcher is a cool application which is considered as a top application in launchers. If you are looking for a launcher best known for its themes, wallpapers and icons styles then go for GO Launcher!

Download it from the Google Play store link below:

Download Go Launcher 3D

Doubts on Launcher?

First of all, clear your doubts about the launcher applications like some people consider it as unsafe. Launcher applications are safe that’s why they are available on Google Play Store otherwise they could have been banned from a long time ago. It can be uninstalled if you don’t like these applications and it has no permanent effect on your device. It doesn’t override your device’s OS. It just optimizes it, enhances its interface and provides some extra functions. Also, you can protect your device with Android Antivirus.

    Launchers which are fast, save your device’s battery life and are optimized with the OS are considered the lightest android launchers. Also, it should occupy less space on your device. If you ask about fastest launcher in all of them, most recommended one is APUS LAUNCHER. It’s considered as the fastest launcher. Also, you can set any android launcher as your default launcher from device settings or application settings.


          In the end, my final conclusion about android launchers is that these applications have got many attraction and fame in the technology world and are downloaded by millions of users. These are recognized by many users and they love it simply. So, if you want to use your device with more extra features, faster and to have a completely different and unique android experience you can avail these free launchers.

    Although it isn’t necessary to use the launcher, it can make your android experience better and can add value to your OS and make it fast and beautiful. Also, if you like your stock android, still I’ll suggest you install any launcher and just try one or two, maybe you’ll like any feature of it.

    In short, Launchers are widely used to enhance the style and design of your android smartphone and make it fast. I hope this was everything you wanted to know about Launchers.

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